Vilcabamba treks

Vilcabamba Treks takes you right off the beaten path to the area of Cusco where the Incas made their last stand. Following the Spanish conquest the Inca withdrew far in to the jungle from where they continued to resist the occupation.

Vilcabamba was the last Inca city and this trek takes you to some of the last domains of this once great empire with beautiful scenery

The Vilcabamba Trek is a great option, if you don’t find a spot for the classic inca trail to Machupicchu.

Vilcabamba Treks – Sacred Rock

Beautiful hike to Machupicchu in 6 days

Vilcabamba treks to Machu Picchu is a hidden treasure that has yet to be heavily impacted by tourism. The trail is remote, very beautiful and super quiet.

Trekkers get to pass through snow-capped mountains on a number of original and well-preserved Inca trails.

This trek is typically completed on a 6-days itinerary starting the first day with a coffee tour from the Andes to the jungle where you will see a lot of plantations of coffee, banana, orange, mango, etc.

Finally the hiking over the mountains for 4 days looking some beautiful glaciers, lakes and inca sites you can check the reviews from our clients on tripadvisor and youtube.

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