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Thank you so much for booking with PeruTreks. We will work really hard to make a lifetime experience for you. Please read carefully our BOOKING FORM.

When you are going to book with us you must fill in with your correct personal details and the number of your passport. Contact us with any questions…we are here to help.

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Looking to book an Inca Trail Trek Tour? Let us know first about the departure date of your hike if you are interested in the INCA TRAIL. For all other tours, double check with our Sales Team. We are excited to help you.

Booking Form

To fill in our booking form to book an Inca Trail Trek fill in the form for your treks so we make sure the departure date and later we'll need a copy of your passport it must be clear your name and the number of your passport, and all your details to match exactly.


Your deposit is needed to secure and book your Inca Trail Tickets. Deposits can be made by PayPal or Direct Wire Transfer.
With your Prepayment I can book your tickets in advance and the balance you will pay once you are going to arrive here before your hike.


Please know that if you are booking with a passport that is set to expire within 06 months of your planned entry date to Peru, you will be required to renew your passport before coming to Peru. Peru authorities will not grant you entry to the country otherwise.

If you are booking your Inca Trail with us, and this is your case, please know you will be able to book with us to secure your Inca Trail permits and tickets to Machu Picchu in advance. However, you will be required to renew your passport and update your passport details with us prior to your trip to Peru. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of your reserved permits, and tickets to Machu Picchu and you must bring your old and new passport.

If you want to book as a student the Inca Trail or Machupicchu with the discount, The student ID must be like this, see below

Student Card - PeruTreks


Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Deposit

You must do the Prepayment USD300 per person in order to book your tickets in advance. The deposit can be made through PayPal.

All deposits are fully non-refundable and non-transferable. In the event that you need to cancel your trip, cancellation fees will be assessed as outlined below under our cancellation policy. If canceling, you may not transfer your deposit to another person’s trek.

Final Payment Terms

The remaining balance will be due in your hotel in Cusco at least 1 day before your tour start date. However, it can also be paid in advance through PayPal with the Paypal fee paid by the traveler,  Once you are going to arrive let us know about your hotel then one of our tour guide is going to come to your hotel in order to explaint to you about your hike (briefing) after that you will pay the rest of the money (balance) we accept both U.S. and Peruvian currency of any denomination. We do not accept any torn bills. If you are not arriving to Cusco 2 days before your tour begins, please arrange your payment with Peru treks team before your arrival.

Cancellation Policy for  INCA TRAIL

The Inca Trail permits are 100 percent non-refundable and non-transferable. Permits are issued in the name and with the passport number of the trekker and cannot be transferred to anyone else, under any circumstances, this is according to the goverment.

The Classic Inca Trail is one of the world’s most famous trekking routes for obvious reasons.

Trekkers spend four glorious days walking along vast stretches of authentic Inca trails that sojourn through breath-taking Andean landscapes. Scattered throughout the trail are a number of important Inca ruins, which trekkers get to visit.

And perhaps most impressively, the trail ends at the famous entrance to Machu Picchu, Inti Punku or Sun Gate, which affords trekkers an early-morning birds eye view of the incredible Inca city.

But there are some downsides to the Inca Trail.

Firstly, the trail has a limit of only 500 trekking permits a day, 300 spaces are used by guides and porters. This means that would-be trekkers need to book early, especially during the peak season of May-September because there are 200 spaces just for the trekkers each day.

Secondly, despite the limit of 500 people per day, the trail is always crowded which can make the experience feel a little too ‘touristy’. And finally, the trail is closed in February due to heavy rains and maintenance of the trail.

So if you are not one for booking early or sharing an experience with crowds, then these alternative Inca trail treks to Machu Picchu might just be right for you.

If you want to book  the Alternative Treks to Machupicchu you can book through  or you can book with PeruTreks too!!

If you are going to book your ALTERNATIVE TREKS TO MACHUPICCHU,  like   Salkantay Treks/ Lares Treks / Vilcabamba Treks and Choquequirao Treks The notification of cancellation must be made in writing to  If you wish to cancel within eight weeks of your tour start date, further payment is needed as follows:

If you cancel eight weeks or more days before departure: Cancellation fees equal the amount of your deposit.

  • Eight to four weeks before departure: 60 percent of the total tour price is due.
  • Four weeks to five days before departure: 80 percent of the total tour price is due.
  • Five days to 36 hours: 90 percent of the total tour price is due.
  • 36 hours or less before departure: 100 percent of the total price is due.

We charge these fees because there are a great deal of expenses that PeruTreks pays to set up these tours.