Inca Trail Cusco & Amazon 10Days/9Nights

From $1 550 USD

Per person (All-inclusive Door to Door service)

Meet the wonders and mysteries that keeps the most important city of the Incan Period: Cusco. Succumb to the charm of its archaeological sites, its history and traditions still living in their people. Also, enjoy the rich diversity of flora and fauna of the Peruvian jungle in Puerto Maldonado. Enjoy this enigmatic Peru 10D and scroll the Peruvian jungle and the diversity of species that live in it, enjoy the architectural beauty of the city of Cusco, and discover the charm of the Sacred Valley. Also, challenge your limits, trekking the 45 kilometers from the renowned Inca Trail in 4D and finally feel the magic that surrounds a wonder of the modern world: The citadel of Machu Picchu.

Succumb to the charm of this city an unforgettable experience in 10D, with Peru Treks.