City Tour

Cusco or Qosqo in Quechua was the capital of the Inca Empire called Tawantinsuyo.  Cusco, with its special beauty and charm is considered PeruTreks.netthe archeological capital of South America and a cultural legacy of Humanity. With no doubt, Cusco is the most important tourist destination in Peru because of  Machu Picchu. The streets of the city are over flowing with our country’s history. One can observe the different stages of the evolution from ancient times until the Conquest and its consequences.  It also has several old majestic cathedrals and numerous museums to explore.

  • ALTITUDE: 3400m/11200 ft
  • CLIMATE: Hot and sunny by day and cold by night
  • DRY SEASON: April to October
  • RAINY SEASON: November to March